Friday, March 23, 2012

~~Adventures of Gingerbread Baby~~

A couple of weeks ago, a first grader from Tennessee sent Derek a gingerbread baby to have adventures with him.  We took him with us everywhere, and he had a great time!  The following is his story.  Because it is being sent back to first graders, I've written it in what I hope is wording that the first graders can read themselves.  Thank you for allowing us to have these adventures, Mara and Marisa!

Gingerbread Baby Visits with Team Derek

Gingerbread Baby went to Walter Reed in Bethesda, Maryland to stay with
Derek and his family.  The hospital cares for soldiers
who are hurt and helps them get better.
Gingerbread Baby met a lot of heroes in his travels!

Every day, Derek works out in the Matc (mat see)
(Military Amputee Training Center).
Gingerbread Baby helped him lift weights!

Derek lost his legs, and Gingerbread Baby cheered him on
when he took his first steps on his new legs!

All that hard work made Gingerbread Baby and Derek very tired.
Shhhhh.  Don't wake them up.

Derek also hurt his arm and can barely move his hand.
He works hard every day so that his hand will heal.
Gingerbread Baby counted how many blocks Derek was able to move.

Some of the heroes played with Gingerbread Baby.
Oh no!  Do not eat Gingerbread Baby, Will!

Gingerbread Baby tried on Derek's new legs.
Silly, Gingerbread Baby!  They are too big for you.

That cupcake looks good!  Gingerbread Baby was treated like a hero on Valentine's
Day and given a big cupcake by Derek's physical therapist.

Oh, Gingerbread Baby! 
Those are for the guys' legs, not your head!

Gingerbread Baby has to make sure he is healthy.
Dr. Diego gave him a check up.

Service dogs help the heroes and their families.
Bobbie gave Gingerbread Baby a ride.

Gingerbread Baby played with Tootsie, Laura, and Bobbie,
three service dogs at the hospital.

Gingerbread Baby visited Washington, DC with Team Derek.
It was windy on the top of the Newseum, so Gingerbread Baby hid in
Derek's backpack.

At the Museum of American History, Gingerbread Baby
pretended to hop on a subway.

Gingerbread Baby and Team Derek visited the Washington Monument.
Gingerbread Baby is hiding with Derek's sister.

Gingerbread Baby went for a walk around Washington, DC.

Gingerbread Baby joined Derek's family in the Matc.

Be careful, Gingerbread Baby!  Don't let Derek step on you!

Derek left the hospital after seven months and Gingerbread Baby
was there to celebrate with him.  After a good dinner,
he sat in Derek's favorite chair and watched TV.

Team Derek went to a fancy restaurant with other heroes for lunch.
Gingerbread Baby ate so much!

Don't forget to wash your hands, Gingerbread Baby!

Gingerbread Baby drove to New Jersey
with Derek's Mom for a weekend.

Jessica from Team Allen played with Gingerbread Baby.

Derek became sad when it was time for Gingerbread Baby to leave,
so he asked if he could stay a little longer and go to the zoo!
He not only went to the zoo.

"I love history," said Gingerbread Baby as he looked at
the Capitol and the Washington Monument from the Lincoln Memorial.

The whole family went to The National Zoo.
"Thank you for bringing me, Derek,"
said Gingerbread Baby.  "I love animals."

He saw....

and tigers...

and little monkeys!
Oh my!

"I love the zoo."


"Good bye, Team Derek!  I had fun!" said Gingerbread Baby
as he prepared to return to Tennessee.  Gingerbread Baby missed
all of the children in his first grade class.  He wanted to go
home and make sure the children were working hard!

Team Derek and Gingerbread Baby had a good time.
Thank you for visiting, Gingerbread Baby!


  1. That is just too cute! I wish that I were Gingerbread Baby - he had such a good time!!!

  2. OMG!! That was way too cute! I'm sure the kids are gonna love the Adventures of Gingerbread Baby!!

    You are such a good writer! I'm sure they will understand completely what you were trying to convey.

    Thanks again for sharing!!

  3. That was way to cute Siobhan! I am sure those girls are gonna love Gingerbread Baby's adventures. You did such a great job and I am sure they will understand completely. You are awesome! ~ Marilyn Broadaway

  4. What a fun idea that First Grade had to help our heros recover and have a fun time. And, your storyline is awesome. I am sure the children will love it. Yes, you should write a book. Thanks always for sharing.

  5. Oh my word! What a great story and it looked like everyone had a great time!