Sunday, January 22, 2012

On The Road Again

Derek was able to get out of the hospital today for his own choice of activities and just with the family.  We only went to dinner, but it was just us, and it was wonderful.  Now that we have a van for Derek, donated by the wonderful Rupple family, we are able to get out whenever we want.... or whenever Derek's pain allows us.

Dinner was at the Cheesecake Factory, and now that Derek is no longer on a special diet (low phosphate), he had a wonderful meal!  The van is great.  It rides so smooth, and the passenger seat is out, so Derek can sit up front!

The only problem is Derek's pain.  It is not very well controlled.  We do not understand why he has to wait to be an outpatient to get a custom seat.  He is not comfortable in his wheelchair for any length of time because of his wounds.  They want him to get out more to increase his stamina for when he is an outpatient, but they won't give him the tools he needs to be able to get out more.  I intend to raise this concern during the meeting tomorrow.

Derek is concerned that I want to switch his PT.  NO.  I like her as his PT, and most important, Derek likes working with her.  I just want my concerns addressed. 

So, although we were only able to go out for a quick dinner and never made the movie because of the pain level, it was great to get out.  Derek handled the hustle and bustle of a busy restaurant very well, and there were no uncomfortable stares.  That is my concern.  I don't want Derek to feel funny about being out. He never was one for the attention, except when he was seeking it.

Sean leaves tomorrow, which is very sad for us.  Derek doesn't want his little buddy to go back to Jersey.

It was a quiet weekend, and Derek is getting stronger.  Our first foray out was a success.  Derek is coninuing to climb to glory.  He will make it!


  1. What a wonderful milestone to celebrate! And, the Cheesecake Factory - hope you had a big piece of cheesecake for me, Derek! LOL

  2. Know that I'm still here praying for your family!
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  3. Cathing up on old posts... What a great picture... I am glad you were able to get out to the Cheescake Factory... What a treat! Blessings