Friday, February 3, 2012

Making Strides

The last two days have been busy for Derek.  He actually went to the Matc both days!  That makes four Matc days today.  He didn't want to go today, and before I could say anything, Krystina jumped all over him!  She insisted that he go, even if he was tired.  His PT had previously said if he was having a tired day, they would just do mat work.  They didn't.  She insisted he get on the "death machine."  The death machine is an aptly named pilates machine that the guys all hate.  After today, I can see why.

Anyway, I am skipping yesterday.

During OT, Derek put that right hand to work at stacked cups!  Considering one of his doctors told him that the hand would never work, this was amazing!

When he went to PT he stood on his leg again!  The leg that his PT had decorated.

After he stood, he went over the mat where he was attacked by M, an awesome triple amp!  He wrestled with Derek on the mat and taught him how to do the "bunny hop" to move himself.  M had him moving all over that mat!  And then he showed him how to rock the trampoline!
It takes a lot of core strength to hold himself up on the trampoline, and he did great!

Today, OT stretched him out hard!  Joe tried this "facia stretch," to separate the muscles and tendons from the scar tissue.  It hurts a lot.  Derek called it "flashlight stretch."  He also named the different stretches of his hand "downward facing donkey" and "flying eagle."

During PT he was put on that death machine.  Made me nervous because his balance is not the best.  But he did it.

Back at the room, he crashed.  We were supposed to go to dinner tonight, but he was too exhausted.

We had a very special visitor today.  I heard she was in the hall, so I went out of the room.  Her Mommy let go of her leash, and she ran right to me!  After taking me around the nurses' station for a quick hello, she ran right into Derek's room and over to the treats I keep for our very special visitors!  After a quick snack, she snuggled with Derek!
After a visit with wound care, we had lunch with the awesome Laura Boone!  Krystina was so happy that she brought her Burger King, that she jumped into her arms!

This weekend we have a lot to do.  Hope you have a good weekend, too.

As for me, I'm dealing with a lot right now.  I've been away from home for six months.  I miss my kids.  I need a job.  I'm not really in a position to look for a new one.  Derek's doctor thinks it will be a good idea if I stay at least for the first few weeks he is an outpatient.  He is still several weeks from outpatient status.  Therefore, I have at least one to two months left here.  My ex refuses to pay child support.  He is always giving another excuse.  He has not paid in almost two years.  He knows what is going on, but he still refuses to send a payment.  Things are very stressful and I am full of anxiety.  I'm trying to stay positive and not let it get to me, but at night, when I should be sleeping, it does.

I know some how some way it will work out, but I really wish I knew how right now.  It's just a tough time.

But, anyway, on to tomorrow!  We have exciting plans that we hope Derek is up to doing.  We also have an exciting week planned!  We will keep climbing to glory, and we will overcome the hurdles that have been placed in our way.  This is a journey not only Derek, but also Krystina and my other kids, as well as my sister and her family are all on.  Some how, we will triumph.  We have faith.  We have each other.  Climb to glory.

P.S.  Go, Giants!

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