Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Purple Day

Yesterday was quite eventful.  The morning started with Derek's Purple Heart ceremony.

Captain Brooks from the WTB (Warrior Transition Brigade) came to present it.  We also had a full house to celebrate and honor Derek.  We had the doctors - Dr. Kim, Dr. Sam and Dr. Himmler.  We had some nurses - Katie, Emily and one I didn't recognize.  We had the puppies and their Mommies - Archie and Bobbie, and Moms Amy and Lisa.  Laura Lee came a little late.  Archie's handler Marshall was also there.  Julie from AW2 and Captain Hook from WTB.  Lt Col Mike Crumm, Derek's former nurse case manager.  Corpsman - Allen and Dennis.  Lyndsey from wound care.  Liaisons Gilmore and Lane.  OT Joe (a/k/a Meg).  Squad Leader - SSgt Jones and the First Sgt Gomez.  Lt Col Jones from WTB.  And then, of course, Krystina and me, and my Dad came down from NJ.  That's 25 people!  This is a little room!  There was lots of love for Derek.  Wish his siblings, aunt, uncle and cousin could have made it down from Jersey, plus other friends and relatives, but this was a quickly scheduled, small ceremony.

It was cancelled and rescheduled several times on Monday.  I had to fight to get this scheduled, and it was wonderful.  Derek didn't care who presented it, he just wanted it done while he was awake.  So glad it is done.
Derek and Papa
Dr. Kim and Dr. Himmler
Lt Col Crumm
The presentation

Yes, Sgt Archie sat on the bed for the ceremony.  He was great, until everyone started clapping, and then he got antsy.  He is the protector.

After the ceremony, we took Derek to the Harp and Fiddle for lunch.  It was great to get out with him.

When we returned the nurse case manager who snapped at me yesterday was standing there.  Even Krystina noticed that she exudes attitude.  She told me, "This is not going to work if you don't change your attitude."  Excuse me? You DO NOT speak to me like that!  She's gone.  Today we met the new nurse case manager and really liked him.

After that, my Dad gave me my mail from the last several weeks.  It sucks not being home to deal with things when they happen.  Trying to get unemployment going, and now I have to appear for an in person appoinment.  I will need to reschedule it, because it looks like it will be just when Derek is going outpatient, and I will still be needed here.  I'm on military orders, so it should be no problem.

Also in the mail were other things that upset me, including that the thank you cards I spent days and hours writing at Derek's request did not have enough postage!  I asked the lady at the post office if one stamp was enough, and she told me yes.  It wasn't.  The problem is that I didn't put a full return address on all of them.  I got tired writing and simply put a shortened one, so a lot of the cards will never be found.  This is very upsetting to me.

Also, the ex started acting up again. 

It never ends.  I am tired of getting kicked when I am down.  See, the problem with that is, when I am down and being kicked, I come back fighting twice as hard!

Today has been a much better day.  Derek went to Building 62 for a safety evaluation.  It was the first time transferring to a regular bed, a chair and a couch.  First time in over six months he sat in something other than his wheelchair.  And the apartment was so nice.  Two bedrooms, two full baths, two big walk in closets, kitchen, living room.  He loved it....too much.  He wants it now.  As in today.  That's Derek.  I see it, I like it, I want it today.  No!  I don't WANT to wait!  When we left, he was stopping all pain meds today.  Krystina and I are concerned about withdrawal.  We are waiting for Dr. Kim to come and chat.  A few hours later, he sees it as a goal to be achieved in a few weeks.

Things are progressing nicely.  Still having obstacles to overcome, and it's not an easy fight, but we are now moving forward steadily.  Those obstacles can be scaled, and we will make it on the climb to glory.  So, keep climbing.  Don't give up.  There is glory at the top of the mountain.

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