Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Be Prepared

The old Boy Scout motto - Be Prepared - is so apropo to so much of life.

Is anyone really prepared for this life?  I doubt it, but when information is available and not provided, that irks me.  We should make it our mission to get as much information ahead of time as possible, no matter what we are going to do.  Ask questions, do your research, exhaust all avenues.

I feel we were as prepared as we could have been for what it really means to be an outpatient, even though it does not feel like enough.  We spoke with a lot of wounded warriors and family members, and we asked a lot of questions.  We were told it was intense.  But not everyone is being prepared. 

I was dismayed the other day when I met a mother who walked into 62 for their first overnight and had no idea what to expect, what was in the apartment, etc.  I gave the doctors a list of everything and asked them to make it available.  I was told it would be.  This mother should have been prepared.  The WTB could provide a list of the amenities offered by 62, as well as list of where to find what you need, including where to buy groceries.  *lightbulb on*  I'm going to make that suggestion tomorrow.

Derek met with wheelchair clinic the other day.  He was prepared.  The day before he met with one of the OTs who is an expert on wheelchairs.  He shaved at least an hour off of the appointment by allowing Derek to try different wheelchairs and talking to him about all of the options.  He then gave Derek a handwritten list of the things that Derek had preferred.  It made the appointment go a lot smoother and quicker.

Be prepared before all appointments.  Krystina goes through Derek's meds so that she knows which ones need to be refilled and which ones are okay.  This makes the session with the doctor and pharmacist much easier, and it cuts back on having too much of any one medication.  It also helps because the doctor at the Warrior Clinic is.....  I don't know how to say this nice.  She's ....    I am not happy with his PCM.  And the nurse practitioner is worse.  She actually laughed at Derek when he told her something.  I'll leave it at that.  We cannot change because there is only one doctor for Battle Company.  I think that is nonsence.  These guys deserve the best care, not an idiot for a doctor and a bitch for a nurse practitioner.  So, we must be prepared for every appointment because the doctor sure isn't!

Derek is also educating himself on the different prosthetics and procedures so that he can make good decisions and get the best care and equipment out there.

Derek is getting better and stronger every day.  We try to be prepared as best we can. 

Climb to glory!

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  1. I applaud Derek and Krystina for being prepared and researching different options before making decisions. These are things that are going to affect Derek's quality of life and are very important. I wish everyone that has someone in the military could read your blogs and glean information off them as I have. I don't have a wounded warrior but the things you are talking about I want to know! Little things like what amenities are offered at the apartments where Derek and Krystina are now living and where the closest grocery store is located. That's major stuff. Also, I work in a doctor's office and LOVE it when patients are proactive and bring in not only their current medication list but also the one's they are needing refills on. We are an electronic office and it saves both the patient and the medical staff a lot of time and effort so KUDOS to Krystina for taking the time to do this each appointment!

    Thanks for all you do to advocate for change in a system that sometimes can be very daunting! YOU ROCK!!