Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Teary Halloween

Happy Halloween!  My children in NJ actually had a snow day today.  Parts of NJ have no power, trees are down, and there are dangerous areas as a result of the snow storm this past weekend.  Many towns have postponed trick or treating until Friday or Saturday.  Stay safe out there!

At the hospital, we had a puppy parade!  Krystina put on her devil ears, and I wore a witch's hat.  Nothing unusual for us.  The dogs come around most days, usually in their uniforms, not cute costumes like today, I'm a witch on a daily basis, and Krystina is always a little devil!

Derek got aggravated today by all of the visitors, especially since they start so early in the morning.  It really does get overwhelming.  It's a constant stream of doctors, nurses, Red Cross, VIPs, etc.  We need a revolving door and an appointment book!  I do wish that we had a schedule.  For example, we never know what time OT, PT and certain doctors are coming.  If we did, it would make things a lot easier.  Just my humble opinion.

I got to talk to the ortho attending today about the x-fixes coming out on Thursday.  Tomorrow is a procedure to exchange the wound vac and change the dressings on some of the wounds.

But today was a sad day.  Dr. Bograd finished his trauma rotation.  He starts his new rotation in another hospital tomorrow.  I have barely shed a tear this entire journey.  In the beginning, I did.  Saturday morning I was frustrated enough to shed a few.  Today, I teared up saying good-bye to this wonderful man.  He is so good that if I could, I would choose him as the personal doctor for my entire family!  I would never let him go!  He will be the best doctor.  He has such a wonderful bedside manner, is so compassionate and caring, and is so competent with his technique.  I wish him the best of luck with his career, and he better come around when he gets back to Bethesda in two months!

That goes for Randy Mielky too!  He also finished his rotation.  I didn't have as close, daily contact with him since he was not on the trauma rotation, but I did have daily contact when he was in the ICU and on the pain service.  He is off to another hospital for two months as well.  He is just wonderful and will be a fabulous doctor.  He is an anesthesiologist, and if i had my choice, he would be the only one for me in the future.  He came by to say good bye before he left, and my eyes teared up.

Good luck to all of the residents starting new rotations!  Best of luck to those who have to learn to tolerate me!  :-D

Derek zipped around in his wheelchair today, was a complete brat, teased everyone he came across, and is really feeling his oats.  In other words, he is getting better, which is the best news possible after 94 days!  We are officially the seniors on the floor.  Not a title we relish.  Time to move on.

Derek is finally getting better in leaps and bounds.  After three months of baby steps, he is getting better in giant steps.  Way to go, Derek!

God bless!

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