Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Worthy Cause

 I wasn't planning on an entry tonight.  I am exhausted, this netbook is driving me nuts with its lagging (my computer broke and an awesome friend is working on it), and I plan to get to the hospital early.  We were transferred to PM&R, and it lasted less than 12 hours.  We had a set back.  Nothing major...just upsetting and Derek is feeling awful.

But I got back to the room ready to collapse and turned on facebook for a quick look.  My friend and author, Killian McRae is offering one of her books for donations to the Fisher House.  What a worthy cause!  Send in a donation and get a book.

I am staying at the Fisher House, and it is a wonderful place for military families to stay.  We have our own room, but there is a common kitchen, dining room, living room, family room, and courtyard.  The kitchen is huge!  We have three large refrigerators, two large freezers, two stoves/ovens, two microwaves, two sinks and a large island.  Each family has its own cubby for food, but we can also store things in the cabinents, freezers and refrigerators by putting a label on it.  There is also food donatetd to the houses for our use.

All of this is offered to us free of charge.  Well, if you consider having a wounded warrior or other medical issue without charge.

Fisher House is a wonderful organization and if you can spare a few dimes, getting a free book out of the deal by donating for Veteran's Day is the way to go!

Here is Killian's website:

Now to get a few winks in before heading back to the hospital in less than six hours!

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