Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wiggle It While You Poke The Bear

The First Amendment allows individuals to stand outside a military funeral and hold vile, disgusting signs saying, "Thank God for dead soldiers," and "God hates soldiers," but a blog from a mother advocating for her son wreaks havoc around a military hospital... emails, talks in trauma rounds, visits from many.

My little blog has caused quite a stir.  Are they trying to stifle my first amendment rights?  Some are.  Couching it in terms of hipaa violations with the terms defamation of character, slander, privacy, etc. also thrown around.  But Derek is all for it so hipaa does not apply.  I also do not mention other patients by name, I change names, and various individuals involved in Derek's care have all been aware of the existence of this blog for months.  I praise those who deserve praise.  If someone is less than stellar, I file a formal complaint, and on the blog, I vent, but I do not say the name.  Where is the problem exactly?

Could it be as one of the doctors said to me today that they are embarassed because they were caught with less than stellar care?  Get over it.  No one is perfect.  Mistakes are made.  That's life.  As much as I would love to believe that a mistake would never be made, it happens.  That's why constant vigilance is required.

I would love to believe that everyone is always on his game.  I would love to believe that everyone is always doing a perfect job, in a great mood, never upset, and, by the way, that winning lottery ticket is my back pocket and world peace will be achieved by next Tuesday.  If this were the case, there would never be a need for doctors, lawyers or politicians ever again because we would be living in a utopian society where everything is perfect.

That's not life.  Mistakes happen.  Maybe by knowing they are being watched and held to a higher standard they will watch themselves a little more carefully.

One doctor said today that stifling this blog would be germane to clamping my g-tube... if it was done, everything would blow out other ways and THAT would not be good for anyone.  This is very therapuetic for me and the main reason the restraint team is never going to be called.

I have not hidden the fact that I have this blog from anyone.  I told various individuals about it since the beginning, and many have looked at it.  Not one has said a word about it until today and the one who complained did it by email.

We have been here 90 days today, and NOW it is a problem?  Because my congressman showed up on Monday?  I didn't call him.  But someone sent an email around complaining about this blog.  A better approach would have been to talk to me.  If there is something that I am doing here that this person thinks I should be doing different, talk to me.  I spoke with each person who approached me today, and each of them who have looked at this blog told me I was a good advocate for my son as well as other things that were complementary. 

One of the main doctors told me today not to let anyone stifle my voice. He has looked at this blog and told me I should turn it into a book when I am done.   I don't know if I believe that, but I am flattered. Thank you, but one email from one person who overreacts is not my concern.

I have found that the care at this hospital has been top notch.  I love Derek's doctors, and I love Derek's nurses.  Most of all, Derek is comfortable with them and is getting better.  I am very happy with it overall.  But it is a teaching hospital, and as with any hospital, you have to watch, because people are involved and people make mistakes.  It's the human condition.

Keep on your toes and keep your eyes open.  Be an advocate and don't be afraid to speak up.

On to Derek.  He had an awesome day.  During clean up this morning, he was wiggling around singing, "Wiggle it, just a little bit!" and "Everybody dance now!"  He had us laughing our butts off.  We ended up singing "wiggle it" all day.  It's a catchy tune that we cannot get out of our heads.  It became the tune of the day.  Derek played Chipmunk songs this afternoon, and Dennis the Corpsman and I boogied down by the bedside!

MJ and Sam came by and got Derek dressed.  He was thrilled.  Little things that we take for granted everyday, like getting dressed, showering, brushing our teeth, going for a haircut are major milestones after traumatic injury.  Derek struggles to brush his own teeth, but he can do it.  He got dressed in real clothing today and went to the barber for a haircut for the first time in three months.  A shower is still on the horizon, but it is coming.

Derek also took a tour of the MATC today.  That is the site in the America building where the guys and gals go for physical and occupational therapy.  Derek was able to speak to other amputees with similar injuries.  He saw guys with hip disarticulations walking!  One of the guys told Derek that when he gets to come to the MATC every day, he will become part of that family, and his recovery will improve in leaps and bounds.  He described the guys down there as a big family who all help each other.  I could see it in Derek's face that he cannot wait to join them.  He talked about it all night.

So, tomorrow is shaping up to be a busy day!  Will have a lot to report!

God bless!  Don't let anyone stifle your voice!  Climb to glory!  All the way and shout it from the from the mountain top!

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