Friday, October 14, 2011

iPad and Man Card

Tom Mautone of the North Caldwell Police Department (NJ) showed up today.  He drove down with Mike from his department for a few hour visit.  It took him over five hours to get here.  He presented Derek with an iPad and paid for three months of 3G service because the hospital has not installed internet on the 4th floor yet.  Derek is now connected!  Thank you, Tom!

He was there when Sam (our favorite OT) got Derek into his chair for a jaunt around the hospital.  They trekked through the lobby and bought ice cream.  Derek's spirits soured.  It's the little things that make him happy, but Tom's big thing sent him over the moon!  We love Tom.

Some days I feel like a hostess in a busy restaurant or a busy exec's secretary.  "I can fit you in three hours from now, would you like to wait?"  A corpsman tonight said he can tell how some families get aggravated with all the activity.  Some of it is welcome, and some of it is just too much.  We had a very pushy woman come in and try to talk us into doing arts and crafts.  "No" means "no."  I think I have a solution and will talk to Major Reyes tomorrow.

Major Reyes has a little project for me.  She has done so much for me, and now she wants my help in getting some things for the ward.  Bring it on.  Tell me what you need.  I'm on it.

And yesterday I was invited to a support group.  Do I look like I need to sit with a bunch of weepy, whiny, boo hoo females?  I would probably hit one of them.  I can do the one-on-one support, or I can be part of the support team, but a supportee?  I told her if it was a problem solving group, or a group to help each other navigate this maze, count me in.  If it was a group to just sit and cry about how awful this was, count me on the other side of the world!  I talked to Dr. West about it today, and he said it is not intended to be weepy females, but the problem solving I stated.  I told him I do not mind being the support for someone going through this, but if I am expected to just sit in a group and listen to a bunch of women moan and cry, it's not for me.  I'm a problem solver.  This is life.  It sucks.  Put on your big girl panties and deal.

Dr. West showed up with a red nose today.  Patch Adams gave a talk and they got red noses.  He put it on but wouldn't let me take a picture!  He said I wouldn't take him seriously anymore, but did I ever?  Um, no.  Derek was complaining about falling asleep before his show last night.... Extreme Couponing.  Dr. West told him not to worry, "I won't make you turn in your man card, but Mom might rat you out!"  I told him I would leave so Derek could vent about me.  Apparently, after I left, Derek said, "Bitch!" according to Krystina.  She said Dr. West's eyes went wide and he laughed!  He then said, "Do I get to vent about Mom?"  THAT I heard, and said, "Sure.  Let it be a full on bash Siobhan session."

A woman walked in today and said she was removing Derek's catheter.  I sat up straight and exclaimed, "What?!"  The nerve block catheter.  I thought she meant the supra pubic.  The pain in the arm is under control and the nerve block was removed.  Good news.  They upped the neurontin because the phantom pain is a little worse.

This morning ordering breakfast was another fight with room service.  Gatorade.  I wanted cream of wheat and gatorade.  They told me he was not entitled to gatorade on a full liquid diet.  Really?  Last I checked gatorade was liquid.

The awesome Allens visited us today and brought us taco soup and brownies.  Yum!  Derek was going to get a taste of the brownie (Shhhh!  Don't tell Dr. G or Dr. B!), but he asked for it too late, so I told him tomorrow after surgery.  He called me a "Cold hearted bitch."  I popped him on the head just as LT Michelle Bennett walked in.  Derek called out, "Help!  Cripple abuse!  TBI!"

Tomorrow is a dressing change and addressing a wound that reopened.  Hopefully I will be able to pick up my car while he is in the OR.  We will see.  I've been trying for a week.  Getting away from the hospital has not been easy.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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