Monday, October 3, 2011

No Luck, Only Sacrifice

Derek loves tattoos.
Derek's first tattoo was a lion on his chest, because he is lion hearted.  It is to remind himself to keep pushing, never give up, and that he has the heart of a lion.  One of the doctors asked me if he liked Harry Potter and if it was the Gryffindor lion, and another wanted to know if he was a Leo.  No to both.  It's his lion heart.

Derek has one tattoo on his back.  Does anyone remember the show Angel?  He had a griffin holding an "A."  Derek loved that tattoo, so he duplicated it with it holding a "D."  That's his tattoo for himself.
He has a tattoo for Krystina.  We told him that it is a bad omen for a relationship to have a girl's name tattooed on your body, so instead, he chose a claddah ring and had the heart colored her favorite color - purple.  The coloring is simple exquisite.  When I saw the purple heart, I told him I hoped that it was an omen.  He told me a couple of weeks ago, it was.

The tattoo that really struck my heart was the one on his upper left shoulder.  It was a surprise for me.  A four leaf clover and on each leaf he has the name of one of his siblings - Michael, Kellina, Ryan and Sean.  Above it, it says, "No Luck, Only Sacrifice."  It gives me chills just thinking about it.  The picture of it was taken of Derek in his wheelchair with Krystina's head on his chest.

In McDonalds a couple of weeks after we arrived, a young woman approached us and asked how he was.  She said she was on the medivac, and she was fine until she saw that tattoo.  The tattoo brought tears to her eyes and choked her up.

This is the type of man Derek is.  He would sacrifice.  He would put himself in harm's way.  He did that day.  Without concern for his own physical safety, he did his job.
His future plans for tattoos include one to honor my mother, my father and me, because he said we have meant so much to him in his life.  He vacillates between what he wants for the exact tattoos, but those are his current plans.

Whatever he wants, I will support him.  He is my son, and I love him.  I plan on getting a purple heart with his name to honor him.  I told him about it, and he smiled.  He is my boy.

"No Luck, Only Sacrifice"

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