Friday, December 30, 2011

All Is Almost Well

Stressful day yesterday.  I got a lot of answers today.  Dr. Diego came and spent a lot of time with me, even though he was exhausted, and explained all of the labs.  I still don't have answers as to what happened with the idiot yesterday, and I won't until next week, but at least I feel better about the labs.  Thanx, Diego.

And the cookie fiasco is solved.  It was a big misunderstanding.  They have to buffer us against crazies from the outside who want to come in.  Sometimes, as we know in our room, crazies slip in.  We've dealt with them.  But when someone shows up, it is their job to protect us.  I appreciate it.  Once I reached them, it was resolved.  I really respect them for all that they do for us.

Today was an early day in the Matc because it was closed due to a training holiday.  Only inpatients were seen. 

After the Matc we had an extra special visit with Sgt Archie.  We love that dog.  He snuggled up with Derek and made himself at home.

The rest of the day was spent decompressing from yesterday, visiting with family who came for the weekend, following up with doctors, etc.

Keep climbing until you reach the top.  Never give up.  You will get there eventually.  It's taking us a lot longer than I thought, and so many have come in after us and left or are preparing to leave, but we are doing it Derek's way.  Climb to glory.


  1. So glad you you were able to regroup! continuing to pray...

  2. So glad today was better. Have a Happy New Year!

  3. You will get there. Keep climbing! You guys rock, and I miss you!

  4. You all continue in my prayers. Derek for his healing and recovery, your other children for the disruption this has caused in their lives, Krystina for strength and courage she has already been showing and especially you right now. Stress probably does have a lot to do with your headaches right now so I pray that God will provide solutions for all of those stressors. God bless.