Saturday, December 17, 2011

What a Day!

I awoke this morning at 0600 with the damned midgets hammering away with their incessant ice picks as if their lives depended on getting out of my skull that minute.  The slightest move of my head sent shock waves through my brain the likes of which I had never experienced.  I forced myself back into sweet oblivian for another few hours until the alarm clock awoke me at 0700 so I could shower, dress and get to the hospital.  Unfortunately, it wasn't happening this morning.  I resent the alarm in hopes that another hour would help.  Wishful thinking.  I awoke in just as much pain.  Guess the acutorture didn't help.

I called Angela at 0830 to ask her to order Derek's breakfast and she advised me that it had already been done.  She is an angel.

This morning, I then went to CVS and got a few things while Krystina went to join Derek for his trip to the Matc.  When I finished in CVS, I went to the Matc and discovered that Derek had not gone.  His PT advised that it is very common in the beginning for the guys to skip days.  She also advised me that Derek is doing very good.  He sat up on his own this week, balanced himself, and is making great strides.  She is very proud of him. 

I wish Derek was proud of himself.

Unfortunately, Derek is feeling down.  He is down because he is not improving as fast as he would like.  He will get there, it will just take time.  But Derek was always about instant gratification.  He needs to remember that building himself up takes time and does not happen overnight.

Tonight we went to dinner at the British Ambassador's Residence.  Sir Nigel Sheinwald was very welcoming and cordial.  He served us beer, sparking wine, sausages and prawns before dinner.  Dinner was filet mignon, french fries, carrots and broccoli.  Dessert was a chocolate cake soaking in alcohol, espresso, ice cream for the kids, and mince pie.  Derek wanted some ice cream, too, so he called over Jeeves and requested some.

We had a good time, even though it was quite exhausting on him.

The bus right really hurts him.  The hip disartic is the hardest on him.

The worst part was when we got back.  This very rude officer had pulled someone over to give them a ticket for a traffic violation.  They were blocking the entry for building 10.  I had already called ahead to Derek's nurse so she was waiting for him with his medication.  Our escort asked the officer to please let us pass because their was a wounded warrior who needed to get into the hospital.  He was told, "No."  He was told that it would be at least another ten minutes.  Even though it was explained to him that the patient was in distress, he said that he would have to wait.  They turned to me and said, "Go for it, Mom."

I got out and explained to the "gentleman" that my son was in extreme pain after his pass, and that his nurse was waiting for him with his medication.  I said that he COULD NOT wait any longer.  I said that he needed to get off the bus IMMEDIATELY.  They told me he had to wait.  I told them he could not.  They had not only Bldg 10  blocked, but the way to the ER entrance blocked as well.  There was no place for us to go.  I was livid.

Then they refused to give me their names or ID cards.  I went to the Command Office and got the name of the Officer of the Day and called and filed a report.  Oh, hell, no.  You are not going to tell me my son has to sit in pain while you write a ticket.  Please.  It's a little thing called priorities.

When I called the Officer of the Day, she told me that they are supposed to call more about patients then writing tickets.

The funniest part of the day was when Derek called me a fother mucker.  I told the nurses and they laughed.  One of the corpsman wanted to give him a high five.  Braty Dr. Diego said, "Who and I to argue with a patient?"  Sure.  You'll argue with me, brat, but you won't argue with a patient?  I see how it is.  No bagel for you.

And when Dr. West came today he shocked me when he alerted me to the fact that this is the last weekend before Christmas.  I honestly did not know that.  That's scary.

It's late.  Actually, it's early.  We got back from the Embassy at 11.  I have a migraine.  I need to sleep.  Good night.  Love to all.  Climb to glory!

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