Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Exciting Things Are Coming

What a week it has been so far!  On Monday, Derek was interviewed for Navy News about our beloved facility pups:  Sgt Archie, Bobbie and Laura Lee!  All three joined us in Derek's room for the interview.  We got some good puppy loving that day!

Derek worked out at the Matc on Monday and today (Wednesday).  He took off yesterday because he was just too tired.  Tomorrow he is taking off, too, but for an entirely different, exciting reason.  More on that tomorrow!  Just one question... are you planning on watching the Army/Navy game?

Tomorrow is Uncle Vito's party for the wounded warriors.  Derek is planning on going.

Friday night there is another party by  the FDNY in Building 62.  We are hoping to get Derek over there but with a busy day Saturday, we will play it by ear.

On Saturday, we might be going to the Army/Navy game, and at night we have the Army Band Holiday Concert.  Dr. Kim gave us tickets!  Derek would prefer the concert, because he is not a big football fan.  We will play it by ear and see what we can get to on Saturday.  It all depends on how he is feeling and what he really wants.

Here is Derek's new video.  It's really short, but it is a testament to how strong he is.  At the end he says, "If a guy without legs can do that, you guys can do anything."

After the Matc today, Derek was fitted for custom under armor shorts.  This is the first step in getting his prosthetics.  When the shorts come in, he will be molded for the right leg prosthetic.  The left leg will take a little longer since it is a hip bucket.  Mike, the prosthetic guy, told us there are only 7 or 8 hip disartics currently in treatment.  I always knew Derek was different!  When he does it, he does it the whole way!

Tonight, Derek paid me a wonderful compliment.  Every day I check with the charge nurse to make sure that Derek has a nurse who is familiar with him and with whom he feel comfortable.  Like I said last night, there are 15 on the list, and we are happy with any of them.  Tonight, his nurse came in and said she was working with an LPN and wondered if it would be okay if he took Derek.  It just so happens that the LPN in question is on the like list.  I told her we were quite happy with Ron, and Derek liked him.

When she left, Derek turned to me and asked who he was, because he couldn't remember.  When I told him, he agreed that he likes him and then said, "I don't know how you keep it all straight.  I get so confused."  Then he said, "I'm glad you are here to take care of everything."  He then demonstrated how he is when the doctors start talking,... he looked blank and then started singing.  He told me he is happy that he has me to listen to the doctors and ask questions because the whole thing confuses him.  Awww!  It made my week.

Derek and I have definitely become closer during this ordeal.  I have also become closer to Krystina.  I just wish I didn't have to miss so much of my other children.  That's what I think about lying in the dark at night.

So, that's all for tonight.  Have a wonderful night/day/rest of the week!  God bless and thank you for the wonderful comments, encouragement, and continued prayers.  Climb to glory!

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