Monday, December 19, 2011

Seriously? Move!

First, got a shout out from Team Allen on their Facebook page today!  Woot!  Thank you!  Check them out if you are over there visiting Team Derek!

Back to business.....

I yelled at two people on the way to the Matc.  I previously addressed this issue, but it just annoys me so much that I feel the need to rant a little again.  I can "almost" understand this problem at a place like the Army Navy game.  Almost.... but not quite.  But at Walter Reed Bethesda?  At ANY hospital or rehabilitation center?  You would think that people there are used to dealing with wheelchairs!  Seriously!  Especially those people running around in the white coats.  My goodness.

Okay.  Enough of the crypticness.  I'll get to the point and tell you what happened.  Sorry.

On the way to the Matc two, not one, two people walked in front of Derek and stopped, not one time, but two separate times.  I said, "Excuse me, please" both times.  One looked at me like he expected us to move and he remained where he was... just standing there.... waiting for the elevator.  I yelled, "Move!"  The other walked in front of us from a cross hall to ask directions of someone and told us to go around when I said, "Excuse me."  Really?  Like that is so easy.  I told her "No" and pointed to the chair.  She rolled her eyes and moved. 

On the way back, people walked right out in front while Derek was rocketing along and almost got taken out!  Look!  He cannot stop as quick as you can.  God forbid two wheelchair crazy kids are coming at the same time....  If that happens, we will just need to close our eyes and hope for the best..  But if one is ambulatory, then the one with legs needs to run, jump, leap, skip out of the way.

It's just common courtesy.  You have legs.  You can move a lot easier than someone who has to maneuver a large chair with wheels that do not bend.  Newsflash here, people..... it doesn't move that easy!!!  It goes forward and it goes backward!  It can swivel a little, too, but not as much as your legs!  You have legs....  USE THEM or lose them when we run you over!!

I think every living person should have to spend one day as a disabled person with various disabilities.  One day as a disabled person without working legs, without working arms, blind, deaf, mute, you name it.  This would give everyone a better understanding of other people.  And maybe we could even have people spend a day like me.... out of your freaking mind!  It's actually fun in my little world.  No one has locked me up...  yet.  I don't let Dr. West get too close with that restraint team he used to tease me with ....  He stopped.  That MIGHT be a problem.  That MIGHT mean he has them hiding down the hall.  Better watch out....  Better not cry (don't do that anyway).  Better not pout, I'm telling you why!  I know who is coming to take me away for Christmas!!!!  Yay!!!!

Okay, rant over.  All I ask is that you please be mindful of your surroundings.  If you see someone in a wheelchair or on crutches, move out of the way.  You have working legs.  Use them.

At the Matc, Derek had a wonderful work out!  He got himself in and out of the wheelchair by his very own lonesome!  He also rolled over and sat up alone!  We celebrate the little things.  It's like cheering for your toddler when he learns to walk again.  It's a big step.  Here is a photo of Derek getting out of the chair all by himself.  Since there were other heroes in the back working out, I Christmasfied the photo to protect their privacy.

Tomorrow, Derek will celebrate 150 days alive.  Given that his commander didn't think he would ever see him again after he left him in Khandahar, and given that a lot of the doctors thought he wouldn't make it, we have a lot to be thankful for this Christmas!

And Santa's helper came to visit today.  She loved the treats that I bought for her....

Her Mommy is really Santa's helper.  I wanted to get some Hallmark ornaments for Derek's nurses, and she not only picked them up for me without me asking but would not let me pay for them.  Thank you, Lisa!

The best news is that family arrives in four days!!  Yay!!!  Happy Christmas to us!  Are you ready for Christmas?  I'm not.  I haven't shopped, but as long as I have my family around me, I will be good.  Well, I will be good if the little midgets in my head having a mosh pit and causing the mother of all migraines finally get evicted.  I've served them with the eviction notice, but they have not left.  I really think it is my neck.  Every time I move my head, I get a sharp pain from my neck through to the top of my head.  I guess the massage I got today did not help.  Derek kicked Krystina and I out to get massages offerred for caregivers by the Yellow Ribbon Fund.  I have a follow-up appointment at the Warrior Clinic this week.  Sgt Archie said he will march me there himself if I am not feeling better.  Rut roh!

I do miss our awesome Trauma docs.  They checked in with us so much more than PM&R.  I love Dr. Kim, but I don't see her as often.  Dr. Perdue was always around, and I still see Dr. Diego every day.  Well, I will until the end of the month when he switches to another service and trauma loses him.  He is awesome and he is leaving just like Obi and Ben before him.  But the good news is that Ben will be back in the hospital on Jan 1st!!!  Yay!!!  Can't wait to see him!  We will have all of my favorite docs in the hospital at the same time.  But in the meantime, I need to get PM&R in line so I am happy and Derek gets the care he needs, especially since he is facing one more surgery and needs a consult with a new doctor.  I feel they give Derek attention, but he doesn't understand half of what they are saying and he needs me to talk to the doctors.  Dr. Kim will talk to me, but she doesn't come around every day.  When someone else comes around, I am pushed aside and ignored.  I do not like that.  I need to be in the loop.  Derek admits he does not know enough not to have me there.  We need to resolve this first thing tomorrow morning.

So, here's to a better week for my head, Derek rocking the Matc, the family arriving safe and sound at the end of the week, the medical staff having a wonderful holiday, and a safe and happy Christmas for all of you!!! 

Climb to glory!

And a song with which to sign off:

Merry Christmas!
Happy Hanukkah!
Happy Winter Solstice!
Happy Kwanza!
Happy New Year!
Happy Weekend!
Happy Life!
Thank you for being you!


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  2. I had several thoughts on your post but I'll leave them in my head. haha On one of the last trips to the VA for my husband I helped an elderly veteran who had dropped his milk carton. Several people around yet no one offered. It went under his wheelchair. I flirted with him and handed him the milk back. He was just such a sweet man. It made me feel good too. Then there was one man pushing another yelling make way for the Col. lol It was so cute everyone moved. I have seen the same type of stuff you mentioned at our VA hospital. What gets me too is when a couple of guys in wheelchairs block up the hallway so other wheelchair people can't get through. I want to say guys really? You know what it's like so be polite. lol Though I have to add I've seen those who don't need the wheelchair but get one because they think then they can bust in lines and get out quicker. I like really? There are people that actually need those chairs. I'm cranky about things like that. I hope today is better than yesterday and tomorrow is always the best.