Monday, December 12, 2011

Stupid Reigns Supreme

This may have been my last entry on the Caring Bridge site.  Due to drama, I am changing sites.  If you are not my friend on facebook and would like to continue to follow Derek's journey, please send me an email at

The last couple of days have been ... interesting.  Saturday was the Army/Navy game.  Stupid reigned supreme trying to get there.  We had arranged to travel by cab, because to catch the buses from the hospital, we had to be there at 0900.  That would be too long on Derek.  I received a call at around1000 asking why we were not at the buses.  I explained we were taking a cab, and I was told we were not allowed.  Yeah, right.  Good-bye.

So, we called a cab, and the driver and he couldn't work the wheelchair lift!  It took him so long to get it set up.  Then his GPS was right smack in the middle of his field of vision. 

We finally get there and it was a nightmare trying to get in.

For those of you with a disabled family member, you are probably familiar with this experience.  For those of you who do not, let me introduce you.

We first had to wait in line for the elevator.  Mind you, it wasn't only disabled people trying to get in.  There were able bodied people who could have taken the escalators, but they jammed the elevators.  The elevators were all controlled by operators.  Could someone please tell me why they operator would bother to stop on our floor, where no one was getting out, when the elevator was chuck full to the brim?  Yeah, I cannot think of any good reason either.

We finally got up to the club level, and it was a process getting to our seats.

Please, if you are able bodied, please more for the wheelchair user.  That would seem like common sense, right?  You have no idea how many people played "chicken" with Derek in the wheelchair.  They walked towards us and yes, they could have easily moved to the side, but they looked at us, expecting us to move the wheelchair out of their way.  Um, no.  Walk around or end up in the ER.

Then, please, if you want to stand around and have a conversation, please do so over to the side.  Please do not stand in the MIDDLE of the walkway.  When we asked a huge group to please excuse us, they looked at us like we were intruding and went back to their conversation.  They were blocking the entire path.  Yes, we screamed, "Please move!"

Then we get to the seats given to us by CBS.  Standing room only seats up stairs.  I went back to Guest Services to exchange the tickets for the wheelchair accessible seats.

I was in line behind a.... yeah.  A woman.  I hate to say she is from NY.  She gave us northerners a REALLY bad name!  She told the guy that she ordered "club level seats" and she did not get them.  He told her she had them.  She then asked where the "waitress service" was.  He said there was none.  She quipped that in NY at Giants Stadium ... okay, first clue that she is an idiot.  It is not in NY it is in Rutherford, NEW JERSEY!

She said club level there has waitress service and he told her this wasn't NEW YORK!  She then argued that she was NOT standing in line for the concessions and asked where the waitress service was.  He told her in the suites, and she said, "Arrange it."  He told her she would have to be invited into someone's suite, they were not for sale.  She yelled at him for about 5 minutes that she wanted waitress service, her money back, or him to "save the day for them."  I turned to the guy behind me and said, "Can I punch her in the face," to which he replied, "I'll hold her down."

I went to by myself a drink, and the guy in front of me was buying a beer.  His buddy ran up after he finished and said, "Make it 2."  He then apologized to me for cutting, and I quipped, "Well, then buy me one."  He did!  I told him I was only kidding, and he told me it was his pleasure.

The game was very exciting.  It was so close!  But they had told us Derek's spot would be played in the first quarter in the stadium.  They did not play it at all in the stadium, but it was played on TV during the second.  So we froze our butts off and didn't see it!  They also cut Derek's shout out to his buddies and all of Derek's speaking part.  Oh well.

Derek was done in the third, so we called the cab to leave.  Unfortunately, Obama did not leave when he was supposed to and it shut down the stadium parking lots.  The buses from WRNNMC were trying to leave at the same time, but they couldn't.  They asked us to take the bus and not wait for the cab.  I felt bad cancelling the cab, but when I called him, he said they were not letting him in.  At that point, I had to decide to do what is best for Derek.  Waiting another possible hour for the cab or taking the buses that were pulling up?  Easy decision.

The buses were given a police escort out of the stadium and onto the highway!  Woot!

Today, we had another nursing issue.  Ugh.  I had blacklisting nurses.  She wasn't one of our chosen 15 anyway, but she had always been okay.  Until today.

Derek has been having a lot of phantom pain.  When he really starts acting up, he asked for an IV push of pain meds.  Sometimes, he would get the push and the oral pills at the same time.  It was never a problem, but they told him to please try to get them at different times.  Today it was a problem.  She refused.  When I explained he had been getting them together, she pulled in Dr. Random.  We did not know him.  He was on the PM&R team, but had never been with Derek.  He did not know him.  He argued with me!  He then told the nurse to find out EVERY nurse who had EVER given him the meds together because he was writing them up!  That would be every one of his nurses, including the little bitch in there today.  What we objected to was how sneaky she was.  She said she was going to get the meds, but instead came back with Dr. Random.  I asked for Dr. Kim, but no one got her.  I asked the charge nurse to switch Nurse Bitch out because Derek was done with her.

I was then coming down the hall a few minutes later and Dr. Random was yelling down the hall to Nurse Bitch, "Has SHE given you any more trouble?  If she does, you tell me and I'll shut her up!"  Nurse Bitch was shaking her head in a way to clue him in that I was right behind him.  Moron took off into the office and I laughed by way down to Derek's room.

The issue with the meds was resolved when Derek's actual doctors came in, but now the frequency is screwed up, so we have to deal with that tomorrow.  Never ends.

So, check in with me either on facebook or by email and I'll let you know the new site.

God bless!

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