Friday, September 9, 2011

New Wheels


Derek's crowning moment of the day was a trip into his wheelchair for the first time.  Yes, these are HIS wheels.  He said to me that he wanted to get out of that bed SO BAD, and within a few minutes... in walked Mary Jean from PT!

So Derek got to get into a wheelchair for the first time today.  He couldn't go anywhere because of all of the wires, incision vacs, IVs, etc., but he sat there feeling great!  It was pure "girl power" that got him in and out.  Four, strong women moved him with ease from the bed to the chair and back again.

Once he was settled, he called for me to take his picture, and then said "blog!" We are still reading his lips, so I confirmed this was what he wanted.  He wants everyone to know how great those prayers are working!  Let's keep them rolling.

Because prayers are still needed to go after those infections.

The CT revealed that while some of the abcesses appear "unchanged or smaller," there are a few that are a concern.  The ones near his left hip are large and close to the bone, which is a MAJOR concern for more bone loss.  Dr. Bograd of the SICU team, the trauma team, and the surgical team came together and determined that either radiology would insert a drain or a needle and drain them, with the dual purpose of culturing them to find out what is growing.  Either that or they will try to take a look in the OR tomorrow if it is not too intrusive.

The infections are still not under control.  His fever ranged from 101 to 102.8 over a two hour period over the night, but it resolved itself down to 99 without the Tylenol.

During rounds, Dr. Dan started them off with, "PFC McConnell... we know him, we love him."  I love Dr. Dan.  I love him because he keeps me updated and explains things to me.  He answers my questions and makes sure that I understand what's going on.

Medications were adjusted today.... his "food" was changed from Peptamen to Oxepa, the regulin (?) for his gut was stopped because he seems to be working again (the gut that is), and Dr. West recommended that two medications that he was on for sleep be switched to one, something new, that he thinks will work better.  We shall see.

Because of the fact that Derek will be on long term antibiotics, they have submitted him to the "PIC list."  He will be getting a PICC line.

At 09:55, after being on trach collar all night, Derek begged to go back on the vent.  This is not a failure.  It just means his lungs, after 41 days in the ICU, only 48 days after injury, and considering the amount of fungus, bacteria and infections he has been fighting, are just not strong enough to go it on their own yet.  We will get him there.

At 03:43, my phone rang.  It was Derek's nurse who immediately said, "He's all right, he just wanted to talk to you."  She explained that he had had a bad dream and just needed to hear my voice.  He asked for me and was very agitated.  Capt Webb went on to explain that she would have to call me back because there wasn't a phone in Derek's room, as I am well aware, so she would use her cell phone, but didn't want me to ignore the call because I didn't know the number.  So sweet of her.  I told Derek I loved him, that he was safe, and that I could be there in 15 minutes if he needed me to be there in person.  If not, I wanted him to go back to sleep knowing how much he was loved, and I would see him in the morning.  Capt Webb told me that by the time I finished, he was dozing back off.

Other than that, it was a quiet day for Derek.  He slept a lot today.  There were several visitors to the room, doctors, chaplains, AWR reps, social worker, nurses, OT, PT, etc., so I was busy, but Derek slept through most of it, except the wheelchair.

Another washout tomorrow morning.  I was told by ortho today that they will probably wait to do the flap until he is on the ward and out of the ICU.  The infections are still the main concern.  So, tomorrow should be quick and easy.

Family coming for a visit this weekend - Krystina's mom, aunt and uncle.  Cannot wait to see them.  My Dad has been here the last few days, and Derek enjoyed his visit with him.  He leaves tomorrow.

So, good night, everyone.  Getting to bed before 11 tonight!  Woo hoo!

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