Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I don't remember if I ever told a story about a visit from Dr. West the week Derek went septic on us.  In an attempt to make Derek smile, I had drawn a large smile face with the tongue sticking out on the mask that we had to wear because Derek was on droplet precaution.  It didn't work.

I sat down across from him and started to read my kindle, completely forgetting about the smiley face.
In walked Dr. West.  Derek was out cold.

He sat down across from me and gave me a strange look.

Dr. West - "How YOU doin, Mom?"
Me - "Great, doc.  How YOU doin?" (in my best Italian accent)
Doc - "Heard you had a tough week."
Me - "You could say that.  Almost lost Derek.  Almost killed a nurse.  Would have been justifiable homicide.  Could have gotten off for temporary insanity."
Doc (Giving me a questionable look) - "Temporary?" 

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