Thursday, August 25, 2011


Please remember to pray daily for our deployed military! The last 2 days have been bad ones for Derek's unit. Yesterday his company had 1 KIA & 1 seriously injured due to an IED & today another company had 1 KIA & 1 seriously injured due to a small arms attack. Main stream media chooses to not cover the war anymore but let's all join together and cover our service members in prayer and let's get the message out there by word of mouth.  By speaking out together, we can get the word out there that this war is worse than before.  Even if the media and our politicians want to keep it quiet, we can spread the word.  This war is destroying our youth.

Derek had his 16th surgery today.  Another wash out, but they almost got the wound on the arm closed.  They might not have to do a graft or flap on his arm, but there is still the issue of the repair to the arm.  The right leg was re-opened due to infection.  His pelvis is still broken and the fixator has to be reset.  They gave him blood after the surgery, and his blood pressure was extremely low.  He has bacteria in his blood, which is a major concern.

The central line that was replaced last night collapsed and had to be rethreaded tonight.  That aggravated him.

He was trying so hard not to go back on vent support tonight.  He was on CPAP and breathing very hard.  He fought not to go back on the vent and kept saying "4th floor," which is like graduation from ICU.  He is so ready to get out of the ICU.  I told him he needed to rest tonight, which is also important, so we switched him back to the vent.  He was not happy.

The other night they took 50 cc out of his right lung, but there is a lot more there.  They were only able to get 50 cc.

His white cell count was down to 24 and his fever broke, so that's good.

I really want to shrink myself and do a Honey I Shrunk the Kids, grab a can of Raid, a bottle of Tilex and inject myself into his blood stream and go shooting some of that mold, fungus and bugs myself!
They decided not to drain the fluid from the abdomen.  Why?  I don't know.

We saw Dr. Perdue downstairs when we came out of the Main Street Cafe and he was online to get coffee.  He got out of line and came over to talk to us.  That was so nice of him.  I like Dr. Perdue.
I really wanted to smack his night nurse and my confidence in her is nil.  I told the doctor on call tonight to watch her.  She walked in the first time without her mask.  I told her Derek was on droplet protection.  She said, "he is?  I didn't see anything for that?  There are masks?"  I guess she cannot read.  There is a big sign on the door that says "Droplet Protection" and masks right next to the gloves at the door.  The next time she came in she didn't put on gloves, so I told her to get the gloves.  The next time she came in, she didn't put on a yellow cape.  The next time, she didn't put on gloves.  I told her each time that he was fighting severe infections and that I was NOT going to let him get anything else if I could help it.  I even told one of the doctors in her presence that he had to put on a cape because I couldn't have him get another infection from someone's clothing.

I told the doctor all of this and asked him to please watch her closely.  Needless to say, I am not very comfortable tonight.  I will be talking to the nursing commander tomorrow.  This is not acceptable.  She is on orientation and the nurse working with her should have been watching her more closely.  Not acceptable with any patient, never mind someone as sick as Derek.

Derek is fed up and ready to move on.  This is good because it shows that he is getting stronger.  Hopefully this means he will be on his way to the 4th floor and rehabilitation soon!

Thank you for the continued prayers and support!  It is most appreciated!  God bless you all!

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