Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Another All Nighter

Yesterday was filled with laughter and cute "Derekness" as he came into his own with his new found freedom from the tube.

It was a little difficult as he was diagnosed with two level three open sores on his back and one level two as a result of the weeping wounds and inability to keep him dry.  The nurses change his bed completely at least three, and many times four or five times each shift, but as much as his wounds are weeping, there is no way to keep him dry.  With his erratic blood pressure, they cannot often change him and have to wait, because turning and lifting him is a strain on his body.  It is such a balancing act.

I complained about the wet bed the other day, and the nurse spent a long time explaining everything to me.  I didn't just take her word for it since she was new to me.  When a nurse with whom I was more familiar, and of whom I am quite found and quite comfortable with her skills, came on duty, I asked her about her, and she confirmed everything I was told.  While I am not happy about his "bed sores," I realize they are a sad side effect of his condition.

Yesterday, Capt Suzanne Morris, nurse extradinaire, championed the cause to order him a special bed and she found a way of wrapping many of the wounds so that the seepage doesn't reach the bed quite as much.
The good news yesterday was that he doesn't need to have his jaw wired shut and an appliance put in.  The three breaks in his jaw have already mended.  They would have to rebreak them, but even though one of the breaks healed a bit crooked, since his bite is online, they are going to leave it for now.  In the future, if he has problems, it can be done.  He has a lot more problems with which to deal, and if his jaw was wired shut, it would just make things more difficult.  His biggest concern for the oral/max team was when his front teeth would be fixed!

Last night, I got back to the Lodge and finally settled into bed around 1 a.m.  I received a call at 1:53 a.m. that he was having a rough night and was asking for me.  We had come up with a hand signal that means "Mom," and when he shows it, the nurses know to call me.

LTJG Brian Wilson was new with Derek last night, but whenever Derek awoke from a bad dream, which was at least every half hour, Brian leant over him, face to face, and whispered to him the things that I do.  I couldn't hear him at first, so I leaned a little closer.  I teared up when I realized the care and compassion this man was showing my son as he struggled through the rough night.  He told Derek that he was safe, that his family was safe, that we loved him, that no one could hurt him, that his mom was right beside him holding his hand, and that everything was going to be okay.  He said similar things to him all night long.
I sat next to his bed and held his hand all night.  I dozed on and off with my head on the end of the bed, but I woke often from the position and Derek's nightmares.

He had also spiked a fever (102), which they say could have brought on the agitation and added to the dreams.  But his white blood cell count is down to 6 point something.  I was a little punch drunk when Dr/ Perdue told me this morning.

So, now it's back to the hospital.  Surgery scheduled this morning.  Wash out of the wounds, debreed any dead skin, check the wounds, etc.  Due to the fever, there is some concern about the wounds, but they will check them.

Have a great day and God bless.

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