Monday, August 22, 2011

Another Scary Night

This entry has been a while coming.  On Friday I was visited by Captain Hook (yes, that is really his name) who gave me some news that shook me to the core.  When Derek went into septic shock, they thought I would be getting a visit from the base commander.  Every six hours he wanted an update and was standing by to come and visit.  There is only one reason he would come to see me....

Dr. Ugo had said the mortality rate was 50% when the body goes into full system shut down... just like Derek did.

What I wouldn't give for a day without drama.

Everyone who knows me, knows I raised my children alone.  For whatever reason, the children's father left twelve years ago.  He reconnected with Derek a few years back, but not the other children.  When this happened, he came to the hospital.  Not wanting to cause problems, I did not object to his presence.  He became pushy and overbearing, and I really think he just didn't know how to deal with this.

Well, he cannot expect to be gone for twelve years and allow me to raise the children alone, and then walk back in now and have an equal say.  Not going to happen.  I have POA, and I don't play well in the sandbox.  I have been the head tigress and very protective of my children forever.

Before he left last time, Derek said he wanted him to leave.  I didn't say anything, because he was leaving the next day.  This past Monday, he said in front of a nurse that he didn't want his father to return.  I asked him not to make any final decisions and to wait a couple of days to make a decision.  On Wednesday, I sent in Dr. West to speak with him.  He said he would see his father, but limited.

On Thursday, we had a meeting with the heads of the different departments to discuss what was best for Derek.  Guidelines were set up, and Derek's father agreed to follow the guidelines.  The weekend went without a hitch.  I am so thankful to the professionals who assisted in this, and to Derek's father for being willing to work with us to do what was best for Derek during this trying time.

On Thursday Derek was running a fever of 102.  It broke over the weekend, but a new infection was found - VRE.  They are treating it with a new antibiotic, but it has become invasive.  This is an infection that he picked up in the hospital. 

On Friday, Derek had another surgery, his 14th since the accident.  It was another washout of the wounds and the exposed root was removed from his mouth.  Derek had broken several teeth.  The right leg had to be reopened due to infection, but it was closed again after the insertion of antibiotic beads.  A sore was found on the left side that required a lot of work.

In addition, due to bed sores, they ordered Derek a nice new bed that has a better flow.  It is squishy and has better circulation.  It tilts and moves him around.  He doesn't like it when it turns him because he feels like it is going to throw him off the side.

The good news received on Friday was that his kidneys are back to normal!  They will be ordered a special cocktail to protect his kidneys when he goes for his vascular surgery, but it doesn't mean that they won't revert.

The central line had to be replaced because Derek's mighty bloodflow pushed it out of place.  I was told that the particular brand has been causing them problems.  Well, get another damn brand!!!

On Friday, he pushed Krystina to read Marcus Love's description of the accident to him.  He became very quiet and thoughtful thereafter, but I was told that he is a soldier and can handle the truth if he asks for it.
Derek also had to be placed back on the vent for support because he was tired.  But when a chest x-ray was done on Sunday, they found fluid on his lungs.  They plan to aspirate it tomorrow.

On Friday night, his blood pressure dropped dramatically, sending me into heart palpatations.  He became tachycaridic.  I was beside myself, until I saw the calm faces of Dr. Ugo and LTJG Brian Wilson (his nurse).  Dr. Ugo ordered fluids with albumen.  And I knew Derek would be in good hands overnight with Dr. Ugo and Brian.  They got it under control.

On Saturday, Derek tried to send the respitatory therapist away when she wanted to work with him to get him to talk, because he was tired.  His father was catering to him.  HELL NO!  I marched into that room and forced him to work with her for five minutes.  Allowing him to lie there and wallow will not get him better!  He could hate me later, I didn't care! 

When he was done with the therapy, he look at me and mouthed, "I'm sorry, Mom" over and over.  Broke my heart.

Saturday, Derek looked at me and said, "my toes are tingling."  Then he was shocked that he didn't have toes.  Later, he said his feet were tingling.  He was upset to hear he did not have feet.  We had discussed his aputations before, but he is in a ccu fog.  He will not remember most of what we discussed or most of what happened.

When Brian found out the phantom pain started, he walked into Derek and said, "Dude!  The phamtom pain started?  That is SO cool!  Excellent!  It's a good thing."   Derek looked at him like he had lost him mind.  But it really is a good thing.  It means that his nerves are waking up and starting to heal.  He was placed on nuerontin, and he might be placed on methodone. 

This kid is on so many medications.  Derek was hard pressed to take anything but minerals, vitamins and healthy supplements.  He hardly ever took an Advil! 

Sunday was a quiet day.  My sister and father returned.  Derek spent most of the day resting.  He had difficulty breathing due to the fluid on his lungs, so they upped the vent support.  He is also still not able to tolerate the tube feedings, so they cut them back and has him on the TPN only.

What I wouldn't give for just one day of good news only, forward movement only, instead of this up and down, roller coaster ride.  I am tired of seeing so many young men torn apart, fighting to put their lives back together.  It is so senseless.

Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers.

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