Friday, August 19, 2011

Another Roller Coaster Day

Today was Krystina's birthday, so we had a quiet little celebration with Derek, and then Sean and I took her out to dinner.  I purchased a card for him to try to sign, and he became frustrated when he couldn't do it.  He got a shaky "D E" and then gave up.  I told him it didn't matter because Krystina knows how he really feels.  Also, my sister is working with him to get her something special.  It might not be what he had planned, but sometimes life throws us curve balls or puts a detour up, and we have to find another road to get us to our destination.

The numbers are still all over the place.  White cell count, sodium, sugar, etc.  I cannot keep track of them all!  The doctor told me they are "screwy."

The nephrologist came by this morning and said....  the kidneys are back!  They woke up and seem to be on the mend just fine so no more dialysis!  *doing mini happy snoopy dance*  He thinks that next week Derek will be able to have the vascular surgery to begin the repair on his arm.

Fevers ran constant today around 102.  They cannot seem to locate the exact cause except to say he is fighting those damn infections.  The A-line is still out, most of the lines are out, so it wasn't one of them like they thought.

Derek is still the intimidating older brother, even in his condition.  Sean was fooling around and patted Krystina on the head, and Derek scowled at him so fiercely Sean ran from the room scared!  Derek imitated the face for us later and had his nurse, Capt George Johnson, Krystina and me rolling with laughter.

The vent was removed today!  Derek now only has the trach and oxygen.  Excellent.
Dad (Derek's Papa) and Yvette went back to Jersey today.  Derek was sad to see them go.  They will be back.  They had a nice visit, but it was too short.

We received lots of care packages, including an original Power Ranger, still in the box, for Derek from Lynne Gilbert.  Derek was thrilled.  Thank you Lynne, NY Mets, Enterprise Publishing, Katie Mary, and of course, my firm, Piro Zinna, who sent a huge amount of groceries, fresh baked cookies, a gift card, and other goodies.  I cannot adequately express the gratitude I feel.  This is an emotionally wretching journey that has been made a little easier by the kindness of so many.

Today's kudos go to Dr. West (psychiatrist), Dr. Perdue (main doctor), Lt Comm Lopez (nurse commander), Lt Col Glenn, Amy O'Connor (healthcare mediator), Toya (social worker) and Sgt Archie (super dog extradinaire) for meeting to discuss what is best for Derek, protecting Derek and his right to privacy, and making sure that he feels empowered during the process.  The team was compassionate and understanding about Derek's needs during this terrible time.

Thank you, again.  I cannot say it enough.  This is a heart wretching experience that is made so much easier by the little kindnesses being shown by so many, strangers and friends alike.

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