Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Heartbreak

Thirty-two days in the CCU.  We have seen families come and gradutate to the med/surg floor.  We have heard their stories.  We have come to know them.  Tonight my heart is breaking.
Amanda is a 20 year old Air Force wife.  She is two months pregnant and has a 2 year old daughter, Raven.  Her husband was brought in last week with a gun shot wound to the head.  There is no brain wave activity.

Thursday they are having a special AirForce tribute memorial with the color guard for Amanda's husband. They will shut off life support earlier that day. My heart and prayers are with this 20 yr old mother and soon to be widow of this war. </3

This is the face of war that people do not see.  This is the face of war that goes without mention by the media.  The news announced today that August 2011 has been the deadliest month in the war so far, but celebrities get far more mention, and the wounded are ignored.

Every day I see dozens of young men with missing limbs and/or burns or who have been shot.  And these are just the ones who are still inpatient.  I have not yet gotten to rehab or outpatient, so I have not seen all of those warriors.

These stories should be told.  These brave young men and women should be known.

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