Friday, August 5, 2011


I am physically and emotionally whipped.  So much has happened in the past two days that has kept me from the computer.  Some of it was promising. and some of it just plain sucked.
The best was Derek getting that damn tube out of throat for a short time and getting to talk to us for a little while.  He had to be intubed a few hours later because his lungs were just not strong enough or clear enough to continue to breathe on his own, but for a little while we got to talk to him.  Some of it was great, and some was heartbreaking.

The best was when he overheard me tell Krystina and Sean to stop at McDonald's on the way back to the lodge.  He perked up and said, "McDonald's?  Chocolate milkshake?  I want choccooollllaaattteee millllllsssshhakeeeee!!!!  Doc!  Doc!  Please!!  One sip!"

When Tommy, the awesome night nurse told he was sorry not yet, Derek responded, "No?  Fuck you."  It had all of us laughing and it was good to see the spitfire back in him.

That's all for tonight.  Two nights sleeping on a hospital chair has killed my neck and back.  My sister is in for a few nights, so she basically kicked me out of the hospital and wouldn't take no for an answer no matter how hard I fought her.

Thank you for the continuing prayers and well wishes.  They are truly appreciated and getting us through this mess.

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