Thursday, August 18, 2011

Doing the Cha Cha

Today was another day of doing the cha cha.  Few steps forward.... few steps back....
This morning started with a bang.  The OT showed up and got Derek sitting up!  He's got pins in his hips to stabilize them, tubes and wires and wound vacs and IVs, etc. coming from everywhere, but up he sat, with assistance, but he still sat up!  He is a tough BAMF, as Sean refers to him.

He is still on CPAP, two days now.  That means the vent it hooked up for support breathing only.... he is breathing all on his own.

But the tube feedings did not go well, and they had to cut them back.

Also, his arm swelled up and became very red and he is still running a fever.  So they did an ultrasound on his arm to see if there was a problem with it.  There wasn't, so they think the redness and swelling is from lack of use.

The fever?  He has another infection somewhere.  The fever is hovering around 101 all day.
Derek is very assertive about what and who is wants in that room, and we are honoring his wishes.  Some will not be happy about what he is asserting, and some will not believe that what he is asserting is not coming from me, which is why I had Derek speak with Dr. West alone today, without me speaking with Derek beforehand or while I was in the room.  Derek very clearly told Dr. West what he wanted, and I intend to make sure that his wishes are honored, no matter what the other party says.  All I want is what is best for Derek.  Derek said short visits, so that is what Derek will get.

Derek watched an episode of Family Guy on a portable DVD player today that Kiki (his Aunt Yvette) purchased for him.  The best was watching his nurse, Capt Johnson laugh as he went about his business taking care of things for Derek.  Derek, on the other hand, was out of it.  He really wasn't feeling good today and wasn't up for visitors.

We had three very special visitors today.  Command Sgt Major Naoma (Army), Sgt Archie (Marine), and Two Star Admiral Laura Lee (Navy) came for a pet and snuggle.  They are therapy dogs and so super sweet.  Derek cannot see them yet, but we can!  Derek will be entitled to a service dog when he is ready, and he wants one.  Krystina asked him if he wanted one, and he was very excited.

Kudos for the day - Dr. Perdue and Dr. West.  They are willing to do what is best for Derek after a meeting tomorrow to discuss Derek's best interests and what Derek really wants in the face of what promises to be a very tense weekend.

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