Monday, August 1, 2011

A Wink

Long day today.  He is not out of the woods.  I need a chain saw so I can go in after him and get him out!
Derek had another surgery.  Almost closed his abdomen, but not quite.  More wash out of his wounds.  The infection still rages, and they had to cut away some more dead tissue, but no more bone.  They are hopeful that no more will have to be cut away, just tissue and skin that can be replaced with grafts.  His arm has a large "shark bite" out of it that will need a plate and grafts, but it is not their main concern right now.

They are considering wiring his jaw shut on Thursday or Friday.  He has a broken TMJ (tempomandibular joint - I think is how you spell it).  One is just cracked down a little bit but the other side is... well, sideways.  He is missing three front teeth and his lower jaw is fractured. 
That's pretty much the medical update.

I met the first rude person today.  The hospital is under construction and hallways are always being closed and pathways re-routed.  All weekend, I was directed through the ER by a security guard and that is how I knew exactly how to get to Derek.  This morning, I went to go that way and this little bitch jumped out in front of me and told me I was not allowed.  I tried to explain to her that it was the direct route to CCU and how the security guard ahd directed me all weekend.  She snapped at me that NO ONE would have EVER told me to go that way.  Really? Seriously?  I told her that this was an upsetting enough experience without having someone be nasty to me!

I finally found my way upstairs.

Then Dr. Perdue told me Derek was the "sickest person in the hospital."  Really, chicken man?  Sicker than the people coding?  I think he needs to choose his words a little more carefully before he speaks to a worried mama! 

After we were finally able to get in to see Derek, I asked him to squeeze my hand, and he did!  We asked him yes and no questions with one blink for yes and two blinks for no, and he responded!  He shurgged his shoulders and nodded and shook his head!  He also gave a thumbs up!
The best was when Krystina went in.  We always felt that she would be the best medicine for him, but the proof was her effect on him today.  He saw her and winked.  A real wink.  A full wink. 
Derek is coming back.  He will return to us.  It will be a long road, but if we can get him out of those damn woods, we will have our Derek back.

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