Friday, August 26, 2011

Big Concerns?

Derek's biggest concerns today were a shave and a haircut.  Later in the day, he wanted to know where he will be for Christmas. 

My biggest concerns were those damned infections and the fact that his trach was leaking disgusting yellow, greenish gook.  He vomited the same greenish gook for an hour tonight.  Respiratory came in tonight and didn't know what it was, so I asked for the doctor.  He thought it might be stomach secretions.  He was going to have the surgeons look at it either later tonight or in the OR tomorrow. 

The doctors have been debating for the last couple of days about getting the fluid in his abdomen out.  His white blood cell count is down to 22.5, but that is still too high when it should be below 10.  It could be the fluid in the abdomen.  But the fluid is behind all the major organs that they cannot take the chance of touching.  Dr. Perdue described it like trying to get the pickle jar from the back of the refrigerator without touching anything else from the front of the refrigerator.  So, they might go in from the back during surgery tomorrow.  I have to talk to them in more detail tomorrow morning.  He is first case again.  So, 6:30 a.m. I will be there.

Dr. Whittaker will be doing the angiogram/arteriogram vascular surgery on Derek's arm to make sure that it is ready for the flap.  That's good.  Dr. Thurlowe ordered a special cocktail to protect his kidneys.
But Derek was getting more independent before he got so sick.  He is allowed ice chips or small sips of water, but he cannot swallow, so we suction them out.  This morning, he insisted on doing it himself.  He tipped the cup of ice chips into his mouth with his left hand, since he has no use of his right hand, and then lifted the sunction with his left hand and did that himself, too.  It was heart warming to see him do it himself.

Dr. Ugo said speech should have been around all week, but we have not seen them since Saturday.  OT came by yesterday and today.  She brought Derek a funky glove to help with the swelling. 

Derek is done with the ICU.  He wants the 4th floor.  He thinks that will be better.  I don't know why.  He keeps asking about it.  We are ready to move on and start rehab, too, but we need him to be better.  Moving him now would only set him back.  He is getting frustrated with me when I tell him he cannot go yet, but he knows I love him and only want the best for him. 

I miss my favorite nurses.  We haven't had them in a while.  We've had good nurses, but not our favorites.  I miss them.  We did get to see Sgt Archie the last two days. 

And now we batten down the hatches for Hurricane Irene.  This week we had a severe lightning storm that struck a tree right outside the window and set it on fire, an earthquake and a hurricane coming.  Also, there are locusts at night.  What's next?

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