Sunday, August 14, 2011


Medically not much to report, which is a good thing.  Still off the BP meds (yay!), even though there was a short period today where it looked like he might have to start them again.  His oxygen stats were good, so they turned down the vent settings in hopes of placing the trach tomorrow.  White cell count went from 15 yesterday up to 18.1, which isn't large enough to cause concern since the infections are still wreaking their havoc.  Tonight they upped the precedex (sedation) and fentynal (pain meds) in the hopes that he would sleep.  He did not sleep last night or all day today.

Today Derek had three visitors (not technically family), and yesterday he had one.  As long as Derek is in the CCU, which we were told would be a long time due to the severity of his injuries, we are limiting visitors to family only.  His army brothers are family.  That is because the army brothers have a way of motivating a soldier that civilians just do not, and because many of them who come by are on leave and will not get to see him if they wait.  I see the difference in him every time a soldier walks in his room.  I take pictures of the visitors because they say he will not remember his time in the CCU, which is another reason for limiting the visitors to family only.  I missed one visitor's pic, but he said he is coming back in September when Kurtz gets R&R, so I will get him then.

Yesterday, "Doc" visited.  Doc is a medic in Derek's platoon who was injured shortly after they arrived in afoolistan.  Thankfully it was only his elbow.  Doc visited once before.  It was heartbreaking to see Doc break down at the severity of Derek's injuries.

The same was true for "roommate!"  Jacob Morgan is Derek's roomate at Drum.  They have a close bond.  When Jacob was injured, Derek took it hard.  Thankfully, Jacob's injuries were not severe and he is on the mend.  He saw Derek today, and Derek lit up when "roommate" walked in the room.  We heard stories it is now too late to unhear.  Anyone have ear bleach? 

We were also visited by two soldiers from Fort Drum who delivered a care package from the FRG (Family Readiness Group).  Sgt Davis and Capt. Fuoco.  Derek sat up a little straighter for the superior officers, and when Master Sgt Bell (our liason from 10th Mountain) came by earlier in the day, he even gave her a fist bump.

Meeting Capt. Fuoco was very hard for me.  He is the one who called me on July 23rd at 9:28 a.m.  I will never forget.  "Ma'am, I am very sorry to have to tell you this, but your son sustained injuries while on patrol today in Afghanistan."  Meeting him brought back all of the emotion from that morning.  He was very nice, and I told him I did not envy him his job.  He said he was sorry he had to give me that news.

The care package contained delicious baked goods that were devoured by the kids, a magazine (not Maxim as Sgt Davis said it might be, much to Krystina's relief), and a glass with the battalion's crest.  That glass is going in Derek's room if he ever gets out of CCU!

I also found out today that five young men from Fort Drum, 10th Mountain Div., the 1/32, the unit securing the area just next to the 2/87 (Derek's unit) were killed this week when their vehicle was hit.  Breaks my heart.

So, the hope is for the trach tomorrow.  If his stats remain consistent through the night, he will be in the OR first thing tomorrow and back in his room by 9.  Fingers crossed, prayers said, good night!

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